338 Hennessy Road,Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
Company number: 113453**
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Days work:952
Total accounts:5531
Deposited:$ 9109415.13
Withdraw:$ 10519301.3
Welcome to The most profitable investment platform

Our plans We have four profitable investments plans here in our company


  • STARTER $30- $5000 AUTOMATIC 10% after 24 hours + Capital



  • SILVER $100 - $20000 15% daily for 96hours (4days)



  • GOLD $2000 - $50000 120% after 7days AUTOMATIC



  • PLATINUM $6000 - Unlimited Speed Plan 150% after 10days min $6000


This has been on since the creation of this platform we have been able to meet up to our investment return from our profitable activities we do engage in and as well from our sole financial sponsor which is one of the most empowering financial source by name Banks Of China.