338 Hennessy Road,Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
Company number: 113453**
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Days work:952
Total accounts:5531
Deposited:$ 9109415.13
Withdraw:$ 10519301.3
Welcome to The most profitable investment platform

Officially been a company affiliate is just like Been our company representative and been our company representative you will some certain requirement to attain.
1. You will have to have an account with us with an active investment atleast in our third plan which is our Gold plan.
2. You will have atmost 10 referrals who has signed up with your referral link.
3. You will be a reflection of our company in the sense that you will support us all round and stand firm to defend us.
Benefits of been our Company’s Representative; We will set up a mining farm in your country which will atmost generate a minimum of $10,000 daily which you will be in charge of and give all daily accounts regarding our funds there in our mining farm. You will be placed on a monthly salary of $500-$700 from our company. And many more good Benefits from our company.
* Referrals Commission for Investment plans;
1. First plan investor referrals commission of 3% to be earned
2. Second plan investor referrals commission of 5% to be earned
3. Third plan investor referral commission of 10% to be earned
4. Fourth plan investor referral commission of 20% to be earned